Porsche and Vattanac Properties join forces



Phnom Penh. Precision Cars (Cambodia) Ltd, the official Porsche importer in Cambodia, and Vattanac Properties Ltd join forces in strengthening both brands in Cambodia.

Porsche Centre Phnom Penh will display one of its iconic sports cars starting from August 1 at the high-end Vattanac Capital Mall. The car model on display is scheduled to change on a monthly basis. The world’s first plug-in hybrid to the luxury class, the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid will be first on display in the lobby area of Vattanac Capital Mall while the same model will be parked outside ready for interested customers to test-drive the Panamera on the spot. Other Porsche models such as the premium SUV Cayenne, the compact SUV Macan and the sporty mid-engine Cayman will follow in the months to come.

A representative of Porsche Centre Phnom Penh will be assisting interested customers at Vattanac Capital Mall and arrange on the spot test-drives. Customers, who decide to purchase a Porsche vehicle through this cooperation, will receive Vattanac Capital Mall Shopping Vouchers worth up to $2,500 from Porsche Centre Phnom Penh.

“This is just the beginning of a fruitful and mutual cooperation among the two companies,” said Michael Vetter, CEO of Precision Cars (Cambodia). “For Porsche, we want to expand our presence in Cambodia and we look forward to working closely with Vattanac Capital. We are extremely excited to introduce our powerful sports car to the visitors of Vattanac Capital.”

Reno Mueller, General Manager of Vattanac Capital said, “We are thrilled about this opportunity to jointly promote our brands in the luxury Cambodian consumer market. Both companies, Porsche and Vattanac Capital stand for top-notch quality, innovation, and service excellence; which makes this cooperation a perfect match that is sure to generate a lot of benefits for our valued customers.”

Porsche vehicles are regarded as the perfect car for performance-oriented customers who wish to express their individual lifestyle in a car unlike any other to be found on the roads of Phnom Penh to date. Combining best performance in class and a driving experience unmatched, every Porsche combines extreme agility and performance with day to day usability.


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