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Yangon's citizens are fighting to preserve their architectural past.

Providing Yangon’s Heritage with a New Future

Providing Yangon’s Heritage with a New Future

With the easing of sanctions, Myanmar’s buildings are no longer protected by economic isolation. As the building boom blossoms, many of Yangon’s citizens are fighting to preserve the country’s rich past. BY ATE HOEKSTRA


The Art of Wellness

The Thai wellness sector has a universal reputation for excellence, but within it there is sufficient space for visionary entrepreneurs to cut out a niche market for themselves. By MARK BIBBY JACKSON It seems appropriate that the managing director of Kamalaya Koh Samui uses an analogy drawn from nature to illustrate his point about business.


THE SURIN: Asian Enigma

Each issue ASEAN Forum will deconstruct a example of classic ASEAN design. for this first issue we visit Pansea beach, Phuket, Thailand. By MARK BIBBY JACKSON THE ARCHITECT One of America’s most renowned architects, Seattle-born Ed Tuttle, apprenticed with San Francisco design studio Gump’s, before working with interior designers in Hong Kong and Greece. He spent