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Boot camps like Next Academy allow student programmers to learn their trade in an informal and relaxed atmosphere

Coding Boot Camps

The search for qualified and skilled web developers is sweeping across ASEAN, with courses specifically aimed at bringing the geek out in you. By Jeannette Goon


ASEAN encompasses huge variations in information and communication technology capabilities (ICT), according to a recent report from the World Economic Forum. In the 2015 Global Information Technology Report, ASEAN member countries ranked among the best and the worst on the Networked Readiness Index, which measures the capacity of countries to leverage ICT for increased competitiveness


Playing Techno Catch Up?

With a largely young population who are inquisitive and increasingly tech savvy, does Cambodia have the potential to become a regional technology hub as it enters the ASEAN economic bloc? BY STEVE NOBLE cambodia is throwing its hat into the technology ring and tackling domestic and regional gaps in the sector. With increased government support, a


The Techie Generation

A new generation of budding young entrepreneurs is rising in the form of tech-savvy businesses. ASEAN Forum meets some of the players in the burgeoning technology sector. BY MARISSA CARRUTHERS Heng Kong is representative of a growing number of young Cambodians. “Look at Mark Zuckerberg,” he says, referring to the man behind global social networking