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Porsche Revs into Phnom Penh

Porsche Revs into Phnom Penh

Importer Precision Cars (Cambodia) Limited unveiled the country’s first official Porsche dealership location in early 2015, commemorating the event by launching a new line of SUVs. Opened on 12 February, the Porsche Centre Phnom Penh signals another milestone in the country’s growing luxury car industry. The centre is the first location where Porsche owners in


Going Underground

The Cambodian mining and exploration industry is only 10 years old, and now is starting to attract foreign investment as it progresses towards active mining. BY JESSICA SANDER Cambodia is not a country readily associated with its mineral and oil deposits, but this is something that may well change over the next few years, according to


Cambodia’s Top Gear

From high-rise buildings to shopping complexes, Phnom Penh is slowly but surely morphing into an updated and unrecognisable city. Nowhere is this more evident than the narrow and cart-lined streets, where a growing number of cars and SUVs are edging out other forms of transport. BY JOANNA MAYHEW AND JESSICA SANDER “The time is now,”


The Staple of Life

Cambodia’s rice has a global reputation for quality, having scooped consecutive titles as world best. However, as the regional rice war steps up a gear, will the country be able to cash in on its undisputed pedigree? BY MARISSA CARRUTHERS Rolling green paddy fields, sacks spilling over with rice and menus crammed full of various