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Tourism in Myanmar needs more local commitment to improve sustainability.

Myanmar Tourism Needs More Local Involvement

“If tourism growth is to be sustainable, we need more coordination between local authorities, business and communities, and increased local participation.” This was the conclusion of a multi-stakeholder workshop on Responsible Tourism and Human Rights in Myanmar held in the capital Naypyidaw from September 30 to October 2. Hosted by the Myanmar Centre for Responsible

ASEAN Prepares to Draw More Visitors

ASEAN is seeking to grow intra-regional travel and market the region to the global market through a new strategic 10-year plan. The ASEAN tourism association (ASEANTA) is formulating a new ASEAN tourism strategic plan for 2016-2025 that focuses on implementing the ASEAN open skies agreement, facilitating easier access across the regions’s borders, and developing marketing campaigns

FT ASEAN Economic Summit

The Chinese economy is growing at its slowest pace in over two decades, while its recent stock market crash has triggered global turbulence. It is a challenging time for ASEAN nations with close trade and investment links to China. Could China’s downturn present opportunities for ASEAN’s growth markets? Given the on- going implementation of economic