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Bretton G. Sciaroni: Cambodia’s New IDP

On August 26, Prime Minister Hun Sen officially launched Cambodia’s new Industrial Development Policy (IDP) 2015 to 2025, an initiative that has been in the works now for well over a year, involving multiple, intra-ministerial deliberations, and which included input from the private sector and multi-lateral donors.

Editorial #3

The times they are a-changin’. It might be more than 50 years since Bob Dylan created his haunting ballad, but one of its themes is as valid now in ASEAN as it was then in the US – social change.

Buying Property in Cambodia

By David Murphy With the introduction of strata titled property in Cambodia, property ownership can now be secured by one of three forms of title: hard title, soft title and private ownership in co-owned buildings – aka strata title. Hard title is the strongest form of ownership and is recognised at the national level through the

Due Diligence in Southeast Asia

By Bretton G. Sciaroni Ownership to co-owned buildings defined as a building or construction in which several owners reside, consisting of some parts that are the exclusive ownership of each co-owner (private units) and some other parts that are common spaces for the common use of co-owners (common areas).


By Mark Bibby Jackson, Editorial Director ASEAN Forum Southeast Asia is set for a seismic change. When the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) comes into force in December this year, the region will be transformed from a bunch of independent nations loosely held together by a common geographical bond into a 600-million strong trading bloc. Whether